Serves 6


Preparation time: 15 minutes                     Cooking time: 2 hrs         Total time: 2h15



2kg         Beef silverside or Aich-bone

1 large   Onion, diced

2              chillies, cut into thin rounds

2 Tbsp   Olive oil

1 Tbsp   Vinegar

3 tsp      Dried Thyme

2 tsp      Paprika

3 Ltrs     Boiling water

1 tsp heaped Dry mustard powder

10           Peppercorns

4              Garlic cloves, sliced

2              Bay leaves

1              Chorizo sausage, cut into rounds (for stuffing)



  1. Chop and dice onions and set aside.
  2. Make several slits into the beef joint and stuff each piercing with some chilli, chorizo and garlic.
  3. Mix together 1 Tbsp olive oil and vinegar and rub well over the joint.
  4. Spice the joint with thyme and paprika.
  5. Using a large stock pot heat olive oil and gently fry onions until soft, slightly brown and cooked, remove onions and set aside until required.
  6. Using the same pot, add a little more olive oil on med-high heat and brown the joint on all sides, now add the boiling water, mustard powder, peppercorns, remaining garlic, remaining chilli and bay leaves.
  7. Reduce heat to a simmer and cook beef joint for +- 2 ½  hours, until soft and tender.
  8. Remove the joint and set aside to rest for +- 10 minutes.
  9. To make gravy: Turn cooking stock to high heat and reduce by half, add (roux) and whisk in well until gravy has thickened slightly.
  10. Thinly slice meat and layer with gravy and top with splashes of olive oil.


May be made 2 days in advanced and kept in the refrigerator.